Handcrafted Wrought Cast Iron Tray

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Farmouse Handcrafted Metal Tray

These durable, simple and unique ironcraft trays have practical uses for bread, cheeses, fruit (fresh or dry) and for morning and afternoon serving delights!

Material: Wrought Ironcraft Metal,

Style Appeal: Round, Stained, Shabby Chic, Distressed w/- Handles

Sizes: S-diameter 20x20cm, Height 2.2cm,

Sizes: L-diameter 30x30cm, Height 3cm

Product Content: 1 x Wrought Iron Tray or more if ordered

The iron process is not made of stainless steel. Although it has an anti-oxidation coating, it needs to be used with care. It should be placed in a dry and ventilated place. The washing pH should be between 11-11.5. If it is scratched, it can be slightly polished with toothpaste. If you have tea stains, you can wash them with lemon juice or vinegar.          

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