Handcrafted Eco-friendly Wicker Basket

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Eco-Friendly Wicker Basket (Handcrafted)
The white basket is the only one available at this time!
Material: Wicker, Straw 
Color: Natural
Sizes: 32x28cm, 23x20cm, 27x24cm, Height and Diameter
Product Content, Basket depending if only (1) ordered or more
(Plant not included)
1. Practical use can fold (collapsable) and save space.
2. Wicker has been carefully selected and screened for quality assurance
3. Beautiful and practical, fresh wild, hanging in any place you like
4. Natural environmental protection, natural materials, natural color
5. Can used for clothes, towels, plants, anyhting on a daily basis
Cleaning and Maintenance:
Can be washed directly with water, or wipe with a damp cloth, pay attention to timely airing!
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