Ceremonial - Sage - Cedar - Sweetgrass Smudge Bundle

Ceremonial - Sage - Cedar - Sweetgrass Smudge Bundle

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Makes for a beautiful combination!

Ceremonial bundles are a blend of the most potent smudging herbs, White Sage, Desert Sage, Cedar, and Sweetgrass smudge bundles for cleansing, strength, balance and clarity. In Native American tradition cedar is used to carry prayers to the creator. It is used to bridge the gap between heaven and earth. sweetgrass attracts good spirits and purifies the spirit, sage is used for cleansing, strength, balance, clarity. 

This listing is for (1) bundle. Each bundle is hand tied with cotton string. They are approx. 4 - 4 1/2".

Native American's frequently "smudge" themselves, their homes, personal belongings, and ceremonial items to rid them of any bad or negative spirits or energy.

Smudging is done by lighting the end of the smudge bundle and once it starts smoking, blow it out. Gently fan the smoke with your hands upwards and over your body allowing it to touch and cleanse you, taking in the aroma while doing so. Walk through your home or the area you wish to cleanse and gently blow or fan the smoke with either your hands or a feather. Items are smudged by holding them over the smudge stick and allowing the smoke from the smudge bundle to come up over them.

Please note: If you are allergic to sage herbs please do not purchase this item. Also care must be taken when burning sage so that you do not touch it to your skin and cause burns. Not intended for use by children. Be sure pets and children are supervised when using. We here at One Tribe Shop is not responsible for negligence or misuse.