Hello Lovelies .. my name is Sandra and I am the founder of One Tribe Shop!

I have set up my online store front creating an e-commerce store which offers products such as clothing, accessories and crystals, actually anything that makes my heart light up and hopefully ignite your heart too! There should be something for everyone that resonates on a personal level. 

Many of our products are crafted and imported by handmade artisans from around the world and therefore we like to offer a uniqueness and individuality to share with you!

There will be a portion of our sales from One Tribe Shop being donated to people and animals in need! This is a passion for me and one of the reasons why One Tribe Shop was set up for this very purpose so as to help our worldwide tribe in need and less fortunate than ourselves!

I have always loved and respected fashion and am fascinated with our famous designers around the world but in saying that my preference for everyday style and comfort is bohemian and brightening up our day with what fits well and looks amazing with accessories to enhance .. well it just doesn't get any better! I also adore glitter and textures!

Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery as some products may take longer depending on production and availability!

Enjoy your visit to One Tribe Shop and I do hope you find something for your every day wishes and personal taste! ..

Have a Blessed day and remember to keep smiling and love your tribe! xo

Thanks for stopping by!