A Little Bit of me!

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So you feel comfortable about who I am and what I am about! Here is just a snippet!!

Who I Am: I live in Sunny Queensland Australia and I love my little town which is very pretty and is called the "Garden City of Flowers"! I have grown up in this town which is very clean and somewhat quiet. Peaceful living makes for a wonderful environment for my family and friendships which is very important to me. It's a great place to connect!

I have many interests but mainly it is fashion and home lifestyle I love, which has brought me to where I am today. I felt It was time to spread my wings and create  a way to share what I love which allowed me the opportunity to express myself and to give myself an income as well! I also create jewellery when I can find the time. To be a happy elated person I do my best to live in a good vibe environment and I especially love having my crystals around me which can help on a personal level as they are valuable tools to use and helps express a feeling and an energy of when I need it the most! Colour is my other love .. colour our world with rainbows and love I say! Actually I have so many loves to mention that i'd run out of space here!

I've always seemed to have an affinity with the beautiful cultures of the world and there way of life and what they stand for. I believe we are all here on our Mother Earth in a time where we all need to band together as one people and share our stories with each other and to help and offer our services where it is needed! Hence the name One Tribe!!! 

What I Am About: My exclusive handmade jewellery Brand name is Edenaya! You will find me on Instagram and Facebook! feel we all have to attain things in our life and to discover our purpose of why we are here and it is this discovery in every moment that we can hopefully find our true selves!

Anyway just a little snippet to feel comfortable and free enough to communicate, I am here and would especially love to hear from you! :)

I am The Flower Child, The Bohemian Dreamer, The Crystal Lover and The Gypsy Spirit all in one so here is to our new beginnings! :) 

One Love, One World, One Tribe! 

Surround yourself with blessings and always love your tribe! xo

Sandra ... x 


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